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What is Cosmica?

Cosmica is an upcoming turn-based multiplayer strategy game from indie developer Neuro Jump. Inspired by classic 4x video and board games, players will explore a star system filled with a network of resource-rich planets while negotiating the hazards of combat and political turmoil brought on by other players. Research a deep technology tree, exploit trade markets, and design your own ships to gain the advantage as you race to be the last empire standing.

How is Cosmica different from other 4X games?

Cosmica is unique in several ways. First, it’s designed to be played in short bursts (minutes) over a long period (weeks). In this way, it’s closer to fantasy football than a traditional video or board game. Second, the game retains some of the best social features found in board games. While a player’s identity is initially hidden, messages can be sent to any player at any time. You can use this initial anonymity to your advantage, while late game diplomacy will can lead to massive wins. Third, the game features a robust creative element in its ship building. On top of its tight mechanics, the game boasts a deep ship design option that will allow players to build armadas of ships that behave according to their designs. This ensures no two battles are the same and no one ship design will defeat all opponents.

What platforms is Cosmica on?

Cosmica is currently playable on Windows. A MacOS version will be available soon.

What does Cosmica cost to play?

Currently, there is no charge to play Cosmica. Our goal is to build this game alongside a passionate community who will get in early and help shape the look and feel of the game. We’re considering different options for how best to monetize the game, but have no commitments at this time.

Will Cosmica ever have a single player campaign?

Yes, our goal is to create a campaign full of interesting characters and a rich story. Our focus right now is to really nail the multiplayer and mechanics of the game first.

Can I help test Cosmica?

We’d love that! Click on Play Cosmica and enter your email address. We’ll send you an invite soon.